Unlawful Presences


Two thirds of the population of Geneva are of migrant origin. This reality shapes the identity of the city. However, on their way to work or school, thousands of individuals are at risk of being arrested, imprisoned, and finally expelled from the country, because of their lack of residency status.

People of different origins, nationalities, and backgrounds, who live in precarious situations and are forced to anonymity. In the fifth richest city in the world, housing, safe and healthy working conditions, health care, education and access to justice are not guaranteed. For many, these fundamental rights are inaccessible privileges.

This project was created in the framework of the photographic investigation commissioned by the City of Geneva. The work is part of the collections of the Centre d’iconographie de la Bibliothèque de Genève.

The portraits of this series were dispersed across the center of Geneva for two weeks in December 2021, for the Human Rights Day on December 10.

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